3 Wrapping Paper Sheets of this Orange Blossom print are sold together in a set
Wrapping paper sheets in Orange Blossom pattern are perfect for wrapping gifts or decorating your desk
A close up of the Orange Blossom pattern! Vibrant yellows and oranges with green leaves and white orange blossom flowers
A gift is wrapped in the Orange Blossom Wrapping Paper and tied with a translucent white ribbon.
Orange Blossom Wrapping Paper lays on top of some other Orange Blossom Collection products, like our THX BABE fold over card and Personal Stationery Set.

Orange Blossom Wrapping Paper

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Gift giving just got a whole lot sunnier with this Orange Blossom Wrapping Paper.
  • 20"x29 sheets are included in each set
  • Full color printing on uncoated text weight paper
  • Sheets are folded to 10"x7 1/4" and packaged in a protective plastic sleeve
  • Made in USA