Shop South Florida

Shop South Florida

There have been many joys in starting my stationery business, but one of the unexpected delights has been meeting and learning from local store owners and buyers. Before I started, I assumed pitching my products to business owners would be stressful and uncomfortable, but I actually love it!

I love learning about local customers visiting these shops, learning about buyer trends and demographics. Store owners have a keen sense of their customers' preferences. By sending the White Tree Paper brand out into the wild, I can attain valuable feedback and make improvements.

Late January 2024 marked my first big milestone: products in my first retail store!  The well-known and beloved family-owned shop, Ann's Florist on Las Olas, is part music venue, part coffee and cocktail bar, part florist and gift shop. It's honestly genius. The gift shop always has new, fun, and seasonally appropriate pieces. The flower arrangements are insanely beautiful. The customer service is reliable and friendly.

Here we are, now in mid-May, and my second retail partnership is with the luxurious Four Seasons hotel. A few months ago, I wandered into the spa gift shop after visiting for lunch, and I thought a hotel would be a great place to stock with small gift items like stationery. Fortunately, they agreed! The spa is impeccably designed, and I'm hoping to go back for non-work reasons sometime soon :). 

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